Waterfall Audio

Waterfall Audio Elora

(KDV Dahil)

Teslimat süresi: 5-7 iş günü


The slim Elora model achieves stylish aesthetics from using an aluminium housing sandwiched by two glass plates. The speaker can be used for center and front, left/right duties. Wall mounting is possible with the luded bracket or free standing via the optional, additional cost stand. Elora speakers provide the perfect home theater solution.

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Type 2 ways
Recommended amplifier 30-250 watt
Peak power 400 Watt
Impedance (average/min) 8/4 Ohm
Efficiency (2,83V/1m) 90 dB
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 120 HZ - 28 kHz
Tweeter (neodynium) 20 mm silk dome
Driver unit bass midrange 2 x 100 mm / 4"
Dimension LxDxH mm 420 x 70 x 190
Weight approx 6 kg
Mounting Options Wall, shelf