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Cathedrals of sound

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The flagship of the SOLITAIRE® is the CWT 2000, a really large floor-standing loudspeaker. This unique and exemplary speaker demonstrates the technological philosophy and ultimate sound quality of the whole series, and provides impressive proof of the potential performance of our newly developed loudspeaker systems.

The electrostatic tweeter transmits the entire high-frequency range from just under 2000 Hz to over 40 kHz, and even well off-axis! The mass of the membrane is virtually zero, enabling the unit to offer fantastic dynamic characteristics; it is capable of effortlessly reaching extremely high levels, without compression effects.

Viewed on its own, the 15 cm mid-range driver is certainly an ingenious design which handles the entire vocal range from 150 to 2000 Hz with ease, creating an incredibly natural sound with its dynamic ability and inherently lively nature. We use a carefully designed phase plug to ensure that it radiates high-frequency sound very homogeneously even well off-axis. The damping of the speaker cone is very effective, eliminating any hint of resonance, and features integral stiffening channels. The extremely powerful magnet and the carefully calculated suspension system ensure perfect transient response characteristics in the separate mid-range chamber. Since the loudspeaker is fitted with no fewer than six of these units, the cone excursion is very small even at extreme levels, and this eradicates potential intermodulation effects in the mid-range.

A sealed bass enclosure houses four huge, perfectly matched 26 cm bass units, with gigantic magnets, extremely stiff cones, ultra-long linear excursion and very low resonant frequency; these drive units are responsible for the speaker's incredibly dry, precise bass.

The CWT 2000 is equipped with  a very complex, double-sided four-way crossover units(FSR). The crossover is accurately calculated, and fine-tuned for optimum transient response and transmission characteristics. It effortlessly handles even the highest levels, and ensures that the three frequency ranges are matched perfectly to each other. The filter stages and bandpass filters are carefully optimised for accurate phase characteristic and group delay. These networks play a crucial role in the superb imaging and radiation characteristics of the speaker system as a whole. Switches are provided for fine-tuning the bass, mid and high-frequency ranges.



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Nominal load

400 Watt

Music power

600 Watt


4 Ohm

Transmission range

23 - 40000 Hz

Sensitivity (1 Watt/1 m)

88 dB

Bass drive unit

4 x 250 mm

Midrange unit

6 x 150 mm

High-frequency drive unit (electrostatic)

920 x 50 mm

Crossover frequencies

150/2000 Hz


woofer, midrange, tweeter

Dimensions H x W x D

158 x 35 x 50 cm 63.4 x 13.8 x 19.7 inch

Dimensions Base

3 x 41 x 58 cm 1.2 x 16.1 x 22.8 inch


119 kg / 263 lbs


See below, special versions on request

base made of massive aluminium black

cover in high gloss black 23 for all finishes,

and white for high gloss white 24

Technical modifications reserved