Nad M52 Silver

Digital Music

(KDV Dahil)


Possessing exact copies of the Studio Master recordings has been an Audiophile dream since the beginning of high–fidelity playback. With HD downloads becoming more common, it is possible for anyone who loves music to hear the exact copy of the Studio Master recording. Now High Definition wireless music listening, streaming, storage and playback can be found in NAD's perfectly coordinated suite of high performance components. This is a complete solution that does not require a computer. These are noise-free components that offer state-of-the-art digital performance.

Until now, the only way to download and store these precious recordings has required the use of a computer. Computers are designed as business machines and are not built for audio performance. With the Masters Digital Music Suite, NAD introduces a new way to enjoy HD music downloads.

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  • * Tek çekimde %2 indirim uygulanmaktadır.

Secure Media Storage
Automatic RAID 5 Enterprise Level Data Backup
3 Special Low Noise Media HDDs
2 Terabyte Total Usable Memory
No Fans
USB (Mass Storage Mode)
Automatic Power Save Mode
LED Indication of HDD Status
No Data Loss Even if an HDD Fails
Song capacity* of 2 Terabyte RAID 5 Array
24/96 FLAC - 18,000 songs
16/44.1 WAV - 45,000 songs
256k MP3 - 200,000 songs