Nad M3e

(KDV Dahil)


With 2-channels of 180-watts of pure power, we're quite certain the M3 meets the outline of our technical brief which reads, "The industrial design must create a physical presence that is powerful, dynamic and solid, yet refined and elegant." We're certain we've met the challenge of this outline as well as your personal requirements.

The M3 includes an entire host of convenient features to allow seamless integration into virtually any listening application. The M3 offers internal switching for two pairs of speakers and tone controls as well as a second Zone 2 output with independent commands and even its own remote control.

Front panel controls allow for direct access of all features as well. Performance features are many, and include a precision volume attenuator with 0.5dB steps and a range of 87.5db, a remote balance control with 0.5dB steps, and a Mode control which allows stereo, left only, right only and mono settings. Tone controls offer bass and treble adjustments as well as a "spectral tilt" option that is highly effective at correcting the tonal balance of many recordings by simultaneously increasing the bass and decreasing the treble (and vice versa) to create a warmer or cooler balance. There are also a second set of preamp outputs and a switchable high-pass filter for the internal amplifier, to allow easy implementation of any active subwoofer or for bi-amplification.

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180 watts X 2, 10Hz - 20kHz, with 0.03THD, both channels driven into 8 or 4 Ohms
Dynamic power of 280 watts at 8 Ohms, 480 watts at 4 Ohms, and 785 watts at 2 Ohms
Dual stage high current/high voltage power supply
Dual Mono topology
Twin NAD Custom-Made "Holmgren" Toroidal transformer
Ultra precise multi-stage electronic volume control using discreet resistors
7 inputs, including 1 balanced XLR
Tape/Zone 2 output (independent source selection, no volume control)
Speakers A B with custom 5 way binding posts
Biamp mode with selectable 40, 60, 80, 100 Hz crossover frequency on Pre Out 1
Powered subwoofer
Main Amp input
Remote Bass and Treble controls with Spectral Tilt option
Remote Balance control with 0.5 dB steps
Selectable Mono, Left, Right, and Stereo options
RS-232 interface for advanced custom installations
12V Trigger for advanced control options, 1 Out
3.5mm IR Control jacks, 1 In and 2 Out
Detachable AC cord
M3 System Remote Control
ZR 3 second zone remote