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CABINETS Master-Class
Hand Made Cabinet
Real Wood Veneer Choice
Paint Over Ash Veneer Choice
High Gloss Paint Option
Plinth Base (BLACK) 36mm
Glass Top 10mm Dark Smoke Grey with Blackout base
DELRIN - H Turned Feet
Floor Decoupling Option - Spikes/Insert Feet
DRIVERS Master-Class
Double Magnet High Gauss Energized.
10" Driver with High Compliance Motor
50mm Voice Coil Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free Copper Core
Dual-Layer Voice Coil Windings
Single Powered Driver
Precision Balanced Matched Master-Class 10" Drivers
Multi-Stage Audio Grade Power Supplies - Regulated
Audio Grade Toroidal Transformers
High Quality 24ct Gold Plated PCB Tracks
Flexible FR4 PCB Material
Audio Damped PCB Standoffs
Vibration reduction measures for PCB Mechanical Mounting
Reference Grade Component Matching
Master Class Audiophile Design and Components Selection
Gold Plated RCA Sockets
Digital Display on Rear Panel
Digital Display Front of Cabinet
Additional Display Front
Power Output Meter Rear Panel
Power Output Meter Front of Cabinet
Multi-Channel Inputs
Simultaneous Input use
IR Remote Control enabled
Remote Eye (for out of sight memory recall) Option
Smart Remote Enabled for 2 Way Communication
Onboard IR A receiver on Front Display
Speaker Level Connection - Speakon
Stereo Line Level input L+R
Line Level input LFE
LFE/CEN input
Display Dimmer
Auto Display Dimmer
Display Time Out
Pre-Amp and X-Over Master-Class
D.A.M.P. 3rd Gen
Twin X-Overs
Twin Gains
User Memories
User Memory Pre-sets x 4
Last Setting AutoSave & Recall on Power-Up.
High Level Gain Adjustable
Line Level Gain Adjustable
Infinite Gain adjustment from -99 to 0db
LFE Input with X-over adjustment 20 - 200Hz
LFE ByPass (200Hz)
Aditional X-over with adjustment 20 - 120Hz
Infinite Phase Adjustment 0 - 180
12v Trigger On and Off
Auto Power Off
Auto Power On
Auto Power on/off Sensitivity adjustment
Anti Thump Soft Start Power Up Circuit
Intelligent Speaker Protection (CPU Monitored)
High Grade Matched Linear MOSFET output Devices
Discrete Instant High Current Power Amp Design
Closed Loop Independent Toroidal Supplies
ClassA/B Power Amplifier 200Watts RMS 430Watts Peak
Frequency Response 13hz to 200Hz -3db in Room
Frequency Response 19hz to 200Hz -3db in Room  
Width (mm) =       300
Height (mm) =       430
Depth (mm) =       300
  (plinth 340 x 340)
Weight in Kg =       24

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