Marantz PM-KI PEARL LITE Black

KI Signature Series Reference Integrated Amplifier

(KDV Dahil)


As you would expect from a KI Pearl, this new current feedback amplifier has been given layer upon layer of tender loving care. For example, the high-quality components that proved such a success in the original KI Pearls are now used in this new amp. This helps ensure that it faithfully reproduces the music’s dynamic structure, tonal quality and stereo image. This new Pearl has also been given a copper-plated chassis to help ensure the lowest possible impedance grounding. Marantz designers also shaped and optimised the power handling characteristics to guarantee the unique KI Pearl experience. They redesigned the large double shielded Toroidal transformer’s circuitry to optimise bandwidth power: a massive energy reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers with absolute ease. And, because ‘vinyl’ is back, the PM-KI Pearl Lite supports Phono MM also with current feedback technology. So much has been given. It’s now time to take time, and enjoy.

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  •  MAIN FEATURES           
  •  Ken Ishiwata Edition Integrated Amplifier
  •  2x 70 Watts RMS (8 ohm)
  •  Full discrete Current Feedback amplifier technology
  •  Toroidal transformer
  •  Copper plated chassis
  •  Marantz Original HDAM-SA3
  •  Power Amp Direct mode