Devialet Dialog White

(KDV Dahil)

Teslimat süresi: 1-3 iş günü


Devialet Dialog is a hub that lets you wirelessly connect two to twenty-four Phantom speakers to create Hi-Fi or multi-room systems. Dialog—in combination with the free Devialet Spark app—also lets you listen to online streaming services such as Deezer or Tidal via Wi-Fi. (Dialog isn't necessary for playing streaming services via Bluetooth.)

Creates hi-fi or multi-room systems in minutes
Wirelessly connects from two to twenty-four Phantom speakers
Dialog lets you connect multiple Phantom speakers via Wi-Fi or power-line communication (PLC).
Creating multi-room listening experiences with your Devialet Phantom speakers.

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Connections: Optical, USB, Wireless
Power Source: AC
Height: 3.15 in./8 cm
Length: 6.89 in./17.5 cm
Width: 14.17 in./36 cm
Weight: 1.54 lb./0.7 kg